No option to create "Parameter List" in library

  • jtebokkel

    jtebokkel - 2020-05-29

    I've seen parameter lists in other libraries, but I can't seem to be able to find any information on them in the docs. They are also not an option in the context menu.

    Have they been removed? What should be used instead?

    How are they accessed if they haven't been removed?


    JAPIB - 2020-06-10

    As you said this option has been deleted from from the current versions of CODESYS.
    But, there is a solution I used.

    You can dowload a library called "DebugLogger.library" here :
    In this library there is a Parameter List.
    You can then copy or export this library into your own library and modify his name and the content to adapt the parameters to your needs.

    But be CAREFUL and only modify the usage parameters once in your project, otherwise you risk bizarre behavior of your application !! Especially if a library with parameters is called several times by other libraries, you risk modifying the same parameter several times.



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