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Download DebugLogger

CODESYS V23 version by Sebastian Rau: https://github.com/SebastianRau/Codesys2-DebugMessages


A quick and easy "replacement" of the Device Log, implemented as a pure software solution.

Use case:
Add debug messages (or other info) in a pure software global message Queue.
Advantage of this approach over the Device Log is that this solution is easier to implement and one has greater control over the global message Queue.
The global message Queue can be accessed via HMI while the device log cannot (at least not this easy)

Include the .Library in your project,
(optional) write time of the Event to stDebugInformation.dtActualTime := SOME_DT_VAR;
Call function DebugLog(...) to add a Message to the Ringbuffer.

Parameters are:

    sMessage : T_MaxString;             // Message (max 255 chars)
    ePriority : E_DebugMessagePriority; // A given priority

Priorities are:

    DEBUG := 0
    INFO := 1
    WARN := 2
    ERROR := 3
    FATAL := 4

All messages will be added to the stDebugInformation Struct in Global Variables of the Library.

Changing the default ringbuffer size;

No coding neccesary!
You can change the iMaxDebugEntries in the DebugLogParam library parameter dialog

Opening the global message Queue online;

Open the library manager, select GVL_DEBUG in DebugLogger and doubleclick it.