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Codesys Win Soft PLC

  • codesystart

    codesystart - 2021-09-28

    Hello I am having problems with codesys win Soft PLC. The editor page is not at all available. No tabs/pages are shown in the editor page of codesys win Soft PLC.

    Also when i right click the codesys win Soft PLC, i cant find the option "Add Device". I dont understand why.

    Please find attached images for reference.

    I am repeatedly facing this issue since some days now. I have already installed & re installed whole codesys multiple times to fix the issue.

    It works ok for some time & then again same problem.

    I have 2 installations of codesys on my PC.

    1) Version on (C:) Drive of hard disk
    2) Version on (D:) Drive partition of hard disk

    The library repo & device repo is same for both.(On the (C:) drive itself)

  • h-hermsen

    h-hermsen - 2021-10-02

    WinSoft PLC trial, as far as I can see this is some OEM version of CODESYS?
    For support for that specific OEM version, you should contact the supplier of the WinSoft PLC software. They can help you further, since it is a paid version.

  • timvh

    timvh - 2021-10-04

    What happens when you choose "Update device" and select another one (or another version)?
    And what happens if you start a new project?

  • codesystart

    codesystart - 2021-10-25


    I made a clean installation of both the versions of codesys again. But now also i am facing the issues. Only 5 tabs i.e. Communication, Log, PLC Settings, IEC Objects, Information are shown. Other tabs are not shown.

    Also, somehow when i load / create a new project, the codesys takes all the "dependent libraries" with SP17 versions. I dont know why this happens. Maybe winPLC of SP14 is not at all installed?? I dont see it in the windows services.

    Please find attached images.

  • BY

    BY - 2021-10-25


    CoDeSys is pulling the latest library which you installed your computer, automatically.
    If you are working with lower patch like SP14, then you need to change effective version of the libraries as lower or equal to the patch you used. (you can change this via placeholders tab which is next to the effective versions)


    Last edit: BY 2021-10-25
  • codesystart

    codesystart - 2021-10-25


    Thank you for the response. I guess i have to do it manually in each project. I thought Codesys shopuld automatically identify these things.

    Anyways, that was my just 1 of the observations.

    The origonal problem is I cant see all the other tabs like Application etc. And therefore i am not able to download any new applications in SoftPLC.

    The issue is same with any 3rd party PLC programmble by Codesys. This is the main issue.

    Hope somebody could help regarding this.


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