SQL for codesys 3.5

  • lucasys

    lucasys - 2014-06-27

    I use CoDeSys 3.5 SP3 for panels Wachendorff with linux operating system
    I need connecting to database LiteSQL using SQL by lines of code.

    I see one example end library SQL4CODESYS downloaded from the store

    Wachendorff with CoDeSys 3.5base is sufficient for running application?

    thanks Luca

  • r.kunz

    r.kunz - 2014-07-09

    Hi Luca

    The SQL4CODESYS library uses the SysSocket library for communicating over TCP/IP to the SQL4automation Connector service.
    If your system supports that, it should be possible to use SQL4automation to connect to any database that supports ODBC.

    Is there an ODBC driver for LiteSQL? Or did you mean SQLite?


  • Thom

    Thom - 2016-10-11


    I'm looking too about a SQL library for CodeSys. But I only want to manage a local database in a first time.

    So, SQL4CODESYS can exchange with a database store into a local memory of my PLC or I need other library ?


  • Anonymous - 2016-10-14

    Originally created by: KevinR

    Hello Thom,

    you can also use the library for MySQL (see store: http://store.codesys.com/mysql-library-sl.html.
    The library doesn't need any 3rd-party software as ODBC-Drivers or other software, you can execute sql commands from your controller.

    If you have permissions and an compatible operating system, then you can also install an MySQL Server directly on your controller.

    Best Regards,


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