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PFC200 ModbusTCP

3 hours ago
  • DCJarle

    DCJarle - 2022-01-14


    I'm tying to get run a PFC200 as modbus TCP master against a BFI H3 VFD. Beijer provides a library that includes a function block that handles the communication between X2/BoX2 Control and the BFI-H3 VFD.

    The thing is that this function block takes ModbusTCPSlave as input.

    When I configure the modbus network on the Wago everything have Diag in the type.

    This throws an error when connecting the ModbusTCPSlave_Diag since the FB expects type ModbusTCPSlave.

    Is is possible to change the type of the PFC200 so that it is without Diag or can ModbusTCPSlave_Diag be converted to ModbusTCPSlave?


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