RolandWagner - 2019-12-17

Thank you for your commitment to the CODESYS Forum. Over the last 13 years, you all helped form the strong CODESYS community we all appreciate today. But times are changing, and new technologies arise.

Today our members are not only using desktop computers. Discussions have moved from forums to messengers, mobile apps, or e-mails in combination with online Question & Answer (Q & A) systems.

This is why we will take the CODESYS community to a new level. The new platform will be integrated in CODESYS Forge, a developer platform including a Q & A system. The complete content of the existing CODESYS Forum will be available there, and all active users are invited to continue their discussions on the new platform.

The new forum reflects changing user requirements:
1. Ranking of answers
Users can "like" answers. Thus, the most helpful answer is immediately visible to all users. This is the most important feature of popular Q&A platforms like stackoverflow or stackexchange.
2. Mobile devices
First of all, the website is optimized for display on mobile devices. To improve user experience even more, we will provide a mobile app based on intelligent content caching. This ensures that the app and the recently downloaded content are always accessible, even without connection to the Internet.
3. E-mail conversations
You can use any standard e-mail client to participate in a conversation. For all forum areas and topics you subscribed to, you will receive e-mail notifications in case there are new posts. To answer these posts, simply click on the “Reply” button of the e-mail.

Since the use of the new platform on mobile devices is significantly improved, the use of Tapatalk will no longer be necessary.
Please note that while the default language of CODESYS Forge is English, discussions in German will of course be possible, too.
All new content will be licensed under the "Unlicense" license, if not specified otherwise.

To help you plan for the migration, please refer to the schedule below.

CODESYS Forge has been operational for some time as a platform for open source CODESYS projects and information. For those that like to forge ahead, please sign up and get settled in before the official migration of the forum.

Start of migration: 17 January 2020
All active accounts will be transferred to CODESYS Forge. New registrations on the Forum will still be possible, but we recommend to create an account on CODESYS Forge in parallel, using the same e-mail address. All existing users will be mapped, based on their e-mail address.

27-28 February 2020
All data from the Forum will be migrated to CODESYS Forge.

After the migration of users and data has been completed, the domain will be redirected to the new platform, as part of CODESYS Forge.

For questions, please contact We all look forward to collaborating with you on the new platform.