PROBLEM: Codesys OPC symbol and tag configuration

  • lazze

    lazze - 2020-05-18


    I use Codesys OPC DA server but when I connect the server with OPC Client I can only see _CommState and _CommStateOK tags in CoDeSys.OPC.DA server. The problem is that I can't see other tags that should be linked to the server. I understood that after uploading the PLC symbol path from the Symbol Configuration -> build + ( login and start) and after then they should be within the Codesys OPC server?

    Any idea what might be cause of this? Is there maybe something with the symbol configuration setup?


  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2020-05-18


    To anwser your question, you must provide more information about your setup.
    What is the general layout of your network? (A simple explanation of network layout will suffice e.g: Laptop, with PLC connected via a Switch)
    What type of CODESYS (v23 /v35) are you using?
    What CODESYS version of OPC Gateway (v23/v35) are you using?
    Hope you provide us with these anwsers before we can really help you.



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