westcountryewe - 2024-02-27

I am using V3.5 SP18 Patch 5. I have noticed that when I Create a Boot Application from CODESYS, and upload this to my PLC via a USB stick the AC_Persistence does not work and none of my values that are in my PersistenceChannel are retained. However, if I connect direct to my PLC and I perform a direct download of my CODESYS program, my values that are in my PersistenceChannel are retained and work as they should. This makes me wonder if there are files that are missing when a Boot Application is created.

I have tried taking a backup of my configuration files after performing a direct download, which gives me the plclog.zip folder, and appears to have the ac_persistence folder present within the file structure, however when I replace the plclogic.zip with the same folder that was created when I created a Boot Application, it still does not work but I wonder whether this is because the ac_persistence folder isn't stored in the correct location for reading. The .app and .crc files are embedded within the plclogic.zip folder, which obviously when uploading need to be standalone files in the root directory of the USB, so the intention there is clearly to extract the .app and .crc files and put them into the correct location within the USB. I wonder if it could be the same for the ac_persistence folder? I have tried moving it to different locations but none have worked.

Has anybody else discovered a fix for this? I know the short-term solution is to do a direct download to the PLC but there are some logistical reasons why this isn't neccesarily the best solution for us.