programing 762 series panel

  • torkashwand

    torkashwand - 2020-10-09

    Hi every body.
    I want to program WAGO 762 series panel (CP 5.7 )
    I have installed CODESYS V2.3 ,but in target setting there isn't any type of 762 series panels.
    where can I download InstallTarget file for 762 series panels
    [-img src=select 762 PANELS.png width=50%: missing =-]


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  • torkashwand

    torkashwand - 2020-10-09

    Yes you right . but I have two WAGO 762 series panels (CP 5.7 ).I want to upload program from one and download to another one.also I need to know about programing of WAGO 762 series panel (CP 5.7 ).
    I have CODESYS V3.5 but I don't have any WAGO target file .

    • Morberis

      Morberis - 2020-10-09

      Device files etc can be downloaded from the store as a package .pkg file for the package manager. You don't need to purchase it to download it but without a license it will only run in demo mode for 2 hours.

      You can find information on how to use the panel with Codesy 3.5 here

  • torkashwand

    torkashwand - 2020-10-20

    Thanks so much. I searched all of your link. But I didn't find any target files of 762 PLCS or CP57 QVGA TV. Where can I find target files of 762 PLCS or CP57 QVGA TV ?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-10-20

    I guess you need to request them (targetfiles) from Wago to get them think these devices are used in CODESYS V2.3.
    So for new project I would choose either eCOCKPIT or CODESYS V3 devices like Touchpanel TP600..


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