pdf documentation for libraries in e!cocpit

  • helge

    helge - 2020-06-24

    Hello Everybody.
    i have been looking on another thread in here where it was explained how to make pdf documentation of libraries.
    see link: https://forge.codesys.com/forge/talk/Engineering/thread/2d43b09f6a/#a294

    When im trying out the first command "libdoc export <library> <content>" i recieve the following error: CODESYS LibDoc Scripting Collection V3.5.14.0
    CodesysError: Not able to find a CODESYS.EXE

    Since i cannot find any CODESYS.exe file later than CODESYS v2.3 on the computer im not able to route this to environment variable.

    Any ideas of a workaround for this problem, or another solution to make pdf dokumentation on markup language(reStructuredText)?

  • helge

    helge - 2020-06-25

    Solved it by creating LIBDOC_CODESYS in environment variables with path to e!cockpit.exe instead

    • aliazzz

      aliazzz - 2020-06-25

      Can you post a HOW TO on this topic?
      The reason for this AFAIK this "feature" is not part of the current toolchain anymore?

      So I hope you can write a short manual for us all, as I still haven't found time to figure things like this out on my own because of time and other priorities.

      You would do me and I think more more people a big favour ;-)


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