ModbusGenericSerialMaster: no driver found

  • S1ack

    S1ack - 2019-09-17

    Updated ModbusTCP slave from to

    Slave was happily communicating and had 'green circle' icon with
    Slave is STILL happily communicating with but has the dreaded 'red triangle' icon.

    Poking around online with the target, all I can see in the slave is this...

    Don't care about anything serial here and the device is a ModbusTCP slave. I can see no means to get rid of it (besides reverting to what I saved previously).
    So what is this, and how do I get rid of it to get the very useful 'green circle' icon back, while still using the latest slave version?

    IMG: Bild

  • S1ack

    S1ack - 2020-01-27

    Bumping - anyone?
    Is this thing on?


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