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Device User Logon

  • jmbruges

    jmbruges - 2021-09-09


    I have problems trying to stablish a connection to the PLC. In my case I am following the tutorial on "Your first Codesys program" and using my laptop to simulate the plc.

    The gateway find the computer but always request credentials.

    So far I have tried to start Codesys as admin. I also tried the passwords Administrator (biz.) and Admin or admin without succeeding.

    Any idea what could it be the problem? How I can get around to remove the admin rights or credentials to the device?

    Both gateway and PLC have been started on the sysTray.


    Last edit: jmbruges 2021-09-09
  • danielnord

    danielnord - 2021-09-10


    Almost identical problem for me, so I comment in this thread. Feels like I have tried everything and followed every guide/instruction without any sucess.

    Codesys 3.5.17
    Wago 750-8212 with PFC200 SL ver 4.2 runtime up and running

    But reagardless what user/pass wd I try I always get this error: "Invalid user authentication on the target" (See picture)



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