IDE lag/delay when windows change

  • totorovic

    totorovic - 2020-03-10

    I start a project with the IDE and I have lag problems (see video attached)
    When I want to change windows, it takes about 2 seconds to display it
    This delay is present even with a empty project and when I use IDE I have no problem
    I didn't modify the default value of customize or option
    I tried to reinstall many times because it's really slowing down
    Has somebody an idea ? Thanks you
    My computer is :
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4810MQ CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2801Β MHz, 4 cΕ“ur(s), 8 processeur(s) logique(s)
    Physical memory (RAM) installed 8.00 GB


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  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-03-10

    not really sure but guess this is already solved in the 3.5SP15... current version.
    Possible to update to that version?



  • totorovic

    totorovic - 2020-03-11

    Hi and thx for your answer,
    No I cannot update to that version because the Runtime are runnning in 3.5SP14
    The supplier of the target Runtime proposed 3.5SP14 and not 3.5SP15
    I don't think I'm allowed to program the Runtime with a different IDE version
    I think I will develop with the 3.5SP12 and when it finish I will update to 3.5SP14

  • totorovic

    totorovic - 2020-10-13

    It doesnt' lag anymore...even in

  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-10-14

    Did your log have anything to say like warnings, errors, or messages? That's always a good place to start looking for information on a problem.

  • totorovic

    totorovic - 2020-10-15

    No, I was offline when happened
    As I said the issue is solved, so I cannot record warning, errorr or messages anymore
    I will do it if occurs again


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