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CNC functions G41 and G51 doesn't work togheter

  • alejho

    alejho - 2020-09-03

    Using the CNCprepro example I tried to design a very simple trajectory:

    If I try to compensate the tool radius using only G41 it display the trajectory correctly:

    If I try to sooth the trajectory using only G51 it display the trajectory correctly:

    If I use at the same time G41 and G51 the behaviour is different depending on the order I use these functions, but in both case looks incorrect to me.
    When G51 precedes G41 the first one it's just ignored:

    When G41 precedes G51 it's just a mess...it seems that the smoothing D value of G51 is used by the G41

    I think there's also an error in the documentation here.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-09-10

    ...add a bug report to the CODESYS store -> my question. With detailed info an steps to repeat.


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