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Buyer guide for first robot arm and need of general tips for beginner.

  • martinll

    martinll - 2021-01-16


    im currently studying to become a automatic engineer.
    As iΒ΄m very interested (only from reading and watching so far) in robotics im planning to buy a robot arm to start testing and learning.

    my budget (for the robot arm) is around 100 dollars.


    this is what i have been looking mostly at. as there are so many options it feels more like a guessing game.

    I have no real needs for what is should be able to do/lift but as i have a 5 year old who is really interested aswell a guess that (if a succed and get it moving) a lot of toys/lego/everything imaginable will be up for discussion about if it can be lifted.

    If everything would go smooth and fine the next "dream-step" would be to start mounting sensors and see what can be done and maybe strip an old dremel and see if it can be mounted.

    so to my questions:
    1. would the option above be a good robot to start with?
    2. is there anything obvious that im missing?
    3. my plan is to control the robot with raspberry and aurdino (both with extensions) - is this a good idea for codesys?
    4. any tips for other robot arms or other tips?

    i live in sweden if that could make any difference in what robot/shop to choose. the delivery time is of less interest if its the right robot arm.

    Thanks in advance!



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  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2021-01-16

    You're using the Arduino as a driver like in the course here?

    Definately read up on Codesys licenses on the Pi if you plan on buying one. The demo mode might be all you need though. You can decide if you want a Codesys key/dongle or want to ensure it doesn't gets lost another way. Sorry I'm on my phone but there are some good posts about it.

    Unrelated to your question but here are some good YouTube channels that have tutorials for you.

    Tohid Alizadeh
    Kurt Braun

    For hats that work with the Pi and Codesys check out Sequent Microsystems. That is if you don't want to use the gpio as is or add your own opto isolation etc.


    Last edit: Morberis 2021-01-17
  • martinll

    martinll - 2021-01-25

    Thank you so much for your inputs!

    I have started researching the links and tips and so far I feel like this might be a bit over my head. I think IΒ΄ll wait until i know a bit more before i start a project like this. If not else so for this communitys sake, if i where to buy one now this forum would probably get sick of me quite fast.

    Once again, thank you for all your tips and ideas!

    Best regards,



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