Ethercat redundancy on different NICs

Omar Ampyx
  • Omar Ampyx

    Omar Ampyx - 2018-12-07

    Hi Erwin,

    Regarding this older thread: l viewtopic.php?t=6756 l

    I have the same problem, disconnecting either network is fine, but when reconnecting a slave loses connection.

    This happens regardless of the selection 'AutoRestart Slaves'. In my opinion, in a redundant network this setting should not matter, since ideally you shouldn't need to restart any slaves.

    Is it possible to have a redundancy on a different network adapter? For example on a beckhoff CX5120 the main network would be on a CmpCX5000 and the secondary on a Cmp CmpEt1000Drv.

    Have a nice weekend, Omar

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2018-12-07

    should work, even with different Adapters I guess...
    Need to check if there is any special on CmpCX5000


  • Omar Ampyx

    Omar Ampyx - 2019-01-03

    Hi Edwin,

    Were you able to check this? Redundancy won't work in my EtherCat network

    Happy 2019!



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