MC_Power not working with Nidac/CT CiA402 Drive

  • jmarshall9120 - 2023-08-01

    I'm trying to troubleshoot a Nidac/ControlTechniques drive with softmotion interoperability issue where the MC_Power block isn't responding properly to the status of the drive.

    The MC_Power looks like this:

    However the status word from CANOpen is correct for the "Operation Enable" state:

    Does anyone have further information of the binding between the PLC Open compliant MC_Power block and the CiA402 spec?

    I'm having a lot weird softmotion behavior, so I think this is the starting point to understanding.



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  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2023-08-01

    which Softmotion driver do you use? the generic DS402 or the drive specific ( which is recommended)? please show us the device tree.

    • jmarshall9120 - 2023-08-01

      I've tried both. The one that comes with Codesys which has the softmotion device attached. Also the one from uploading the ESI file on Nidac's website and using a generic CiA402 axis. Both result in the same behavior. In the pictures on the OP above I'm using the driver with the softmotion axis attached.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2023-08-02

    check the plc logger and the axis stucture & what about quickstop Bit5 in the statusword?

    • jmarshall9120 - 2023-08-02
      1. No errors in the :
        PLC Log
        EtherCAT Master Log
        Device Log

      2. If I'm understanding correctly, the quick stop Bit5 is a Normally Closed bit, so "1" would correspond to "Quick Stop off".


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