Mc_power with EL7031

  • daussiny

    daussiny - 2017-05-08

    If have el7031 working using the pos control sample and it works perfect.

    in this example you use plc input in ST: := TRUE; := TRUE;

    are this in puts you can also set in i/o mapping of the el 7031 ??

    How do I set these inputs if I want to use CFC or FB for programming.
    This are not inputs on MC power and you need to set them them to acticate the drive.
    it are also not inputs on the visualisation of MC power.

    • longfinger65

      longfinger65 - 2020-08-07


      I know this is an old talk but how do you have mapped the SM_Drive_PosControl to EL3071?
      In hope for a reply ... thanks ...

  • josepmariarams

    josepmariarams - 2017-05-08


    I never use it, but as I can see, AXIS_REF_POSCONTROL, extends from AXIS_REF_SM3. You can pass it to MC_POWER, and call it from you want.

    Now you are working with AXIS_REF directly, it is easy to work with, but when you are working with sequential languages (SFC) could be better work with standard PLC_OPEN (MC_POWER, MC_MoveAbsolute...).

    At the end, PLC_OPEN blocks works with AXIS_REF modifying his in_outs to tell motion control to do as you want.

    Talking in OOP words is as you would work from outside an instance modifying the instance variables. It is better to access variables via methods.

  • daussiny

    daussiny - 2017-05-08

    Thanks for you answer but i think we not talking about the same.
    i was talking about :SoftMotion > Example Applications > Position Control on the "SM_Drive_PosControl" Controller

    (i can not find info about :AXIS_REF_POSCONTROL).

    please correct if i, m wrong or explain in more detail please

  • josepmariarams

    josepmariarams - 2017-05-08

    I have found the help on Codesys Online Help:

    It seems that this two inputs are needed by the axis control to work. Normally that signals come from bus comunication, but if you are using analog signals is possible that you cannot access its. (you can redirect that servo states to digital outputs and connect that DO to your PLC DInputs, after that pmap this signals as you have map speed consign). If you cannot access its, put this signals at true where you want (Axis_ref is global). Its tells control that servo is closing speed loop and is not making an quick stop. You don't need its to control your system.

    IMG: Captura de 2017

  • daussiny

    daussiny - 2017-05-09

    thx for your help.
    You are right , you can set the inputs true every where, but it would be easier if you could just enable mc_power and the motor works

    Maybe sombodey knows if you can set the inputs true in the i/o mapping of the EL 7031.

    The el7031 is not (yet) supported by codesys . I think that is a pitty because it is one of the cheapest way to connect a steppermotor to ethercat / codesys and play with it .

    I think stepping into softmotion would be a lot more fun for a lot of people if this would be a plug and play drive for the nema 17 stepper motor range .


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