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SM Drive license error

  • albert1999

    albert1999 - 2022-04-10

    I am trying to use my servo and servo amplifier from raspberry PI. I use Codesys for raspberry and Ethercat as my communication fieldbus. Servo amplifier is Estun Pronet and servo drive is Estun EMJ-02-ASA22. It applies CiA402 profile.
    I have made device configuration in my project, Ethercat communication is running, but I get error in the status of drive saying "There is a configuration error" and sometimes after a few seconds "The license is missing or invalid. The PLC runs in demo mode". What should I do with it? I also need to say that it's my first time work with SoftMotion so I dont know much about it.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2022-04-17
    • do not execute PLC_PRG from two tasks (only Ethercat if the motion fb's are called in PLC_PRG
    • license is needed otherwise it will run for 30minutes
    • check the plclog for the error
  • forest

    forest - 2022-08-29

    Hi, did you solve this thing with license? I have similar issue with modbus tcp slave... I installed license for library but same again.


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