5 axis transformation

  • Perkins

    Perkins - 2018-10-15

    I wish to implement a 5 axis system for cutting square pipe with a cutting head able to move in the Y and Z direction with pipe feed in the X direction. In order to get bevel cuts the cutter can tilt forwards and backwards in the X direction but the bevel in the Y direction is achieved by rotating the pipe about the X axis and maintain cutting depth using TCP. Is this best achieved with a custom Kinematic or can I use a 5 axis transformation with the azimuth set to zero and then use a rotation transformation to rotate the correct angle around the X axis? Any help would be appreciated.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2018-10-16

    are you using robotics or CNC?
    Is this correctly expressed by saying that you need a three-dimensional portal and an additional rotary axis which rotates (independently of the others) around one of the spatial axes?

    As far as I know, the two rotary axes of the 5-axis transfo rotate around the Z axis and around the Z-rotated Y axis.
    I.e. if you uses this, you have to rededicate X/Y/Z - but of course you can do this.

    In the robotics case, I would suggest to take the 3-axis portal + C-axis.
    Because of the "rededication": If his X should be the Z of the transformation (also Y->X, Z->Y) you can do this quite easily both in the CNC and in robotics: see G54 A/B/C or rotated PCS.



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