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Servos don't support SoftMotion

  • szcinbj2011

    szcinbj2011 - 2011-07-21

    Hi, in 3S website, there's a saying:
    The standard 3S-Smart Software Solutions interfaces currently support the following drives:
    Infranor cd1-k, XtrapulsPac
    JAT Ecovario, Ecostep, EcoDual
    KEB F5
    Metronix ARS 2000-Serie
    Nanotec SMCI47S
    Schneider Electric Lexium05, Lexium32, SD-3
    Beckhoff EL2521, EL5101, AX2000, AX51**
    Control Techniques Digitax, Mentor, Unidrive
    Copley Accelnet
    Danaher Servostar 300, 400, 600, 700
    Infranor XtrapulsPac
    KEB F5, H6
    Metronix ARS 2000-Serie
    Parker compax3
    Stöber Posidrive

    Then if I have to use a servo not included, and I would like to use SoftMotion with it, If that possible? if possible, what should I do to achieve that? thanks!

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2011-07-21

    check if the servo supports the following operating modes which are defined in the CANopen drive
    profile DS402:
    7 Interpolated position mode or
    8 Cyclic sync position mode
    should be supported by your new servo drive,
    if yes contact 3S for a driver interface offer.

  • Rolf-Geisler

    Rolf-Geisler - 2012-10-03

    Ask the manufacturer for a matching PLCopen library. I'm sure, every supplier has.


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