Async Manager

  • CodeMaster - 2018-02-20


    I want to use the CAA Async Manager. If I understood correctly I have to initialize the worker befor the job is open?

    It always says NO_MEMORY

    Can you help me to use it properly?

    Is there some documentation?


  • josepmariarams - 2018-02-25


    You can do it too with an assyncTask.

    Create an assync Task, and in the program which runs in the assync tasks create an array of fb which implements an interface which has an assync method. In the assync program call the assync method of the interfaces registered in the array.

    In the creation of the fb in the sync task register your fb which implements the interface in the assync array.

    You can start the assync method with a execute-done mechanism.

  • CodeMaster - 2018-03-02

    Thats what I wanted to try with the Async Man Libary

    • helcioburd - 2023-09-06

      Do you have an example of that uses Async Manager?

  • oazrad - 2023-11-15

    anyone found any sample code for this library?
    I'm trying to work with AsyncManager but the documentation is not helping?
    Surly, codesys when they coded this library they had a sample project to test and simulate the functionality for this library.
    can you share it please ?


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