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how to run the machine using CNC editor in codesys

  • Tahir

    Tahir - 2007-09-04


    I am the new user of codesys software. Infact i have start using codesys just a month ago.....My Objective is to run the machine by using CNC editor.... I have tried to read the mannul but it will be great help for me if anyone of you who is doing work in this area can give me the solved example............ thankx



  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2007-09-29


    please take a look on the example projects in:

    your_install_path....\3S Software\CoDeSys V2.3\Projects\Motion\Tutorial\

    you could login to RTE (on the same computer) it is in demo mode and runs for a time.



  • Tahir

    Tahir - 2007-10-23

    Thankx for helping me Edwin Schwellinger. Now i have made little bit more progress. I have managed to run my machine in X, Y & Z direction by using the MC_Moveabsolute and MC_Moverealive function blocks.

    But for every motion i have to use indivisual function block for them. Is it possible that i define my all data ( X, Y & Z cordinate ) in array form and call that array in my Function block to do the motion?. If yes, can you please tell me how it can be possible?

    secondly, right now i am moving my spining axis by using MC_MoveVelocity function block. But i have no control on the angular movement. Is that any Module available so that i can control the rotation angle??

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2007-10-24

    I would create a functionblock with internal state machine (in there execute the MC_MoveA...)... input the actual value from your possition array...then declare a instance of your new fb for the axis xy..z... and execute them. Think you could solve that.

    secondly, right now i am moving my spining axis by using >MC_MoveVelocity function block. But i have no control on the angular >movement. Is that any Module available so that i can control the >rotation angle

    Declare the axis a rotatory in the controler config and Modulovalue 360

    and Softmotionunits 360... the you could use the MC_MoveAbs... whatever fb's an give as input position the angle.

    Hope this helps


  • Tahir

    Tahir - 2007-10-29

    Thankx once again Edwin Schwellinger for your kind help.

    I am very glad to tell you that i have solved my second problem regarding to the rotation ( angular movement of machine Z-axis).

    But still i did not get your first point regarding to use ARRAY in function block. I have tried to make a array just for X-axis movement but it is not working. Probabily it is because i am not too stronge in programming.

    It would be a great help for me if you can provide me a little example regarding to the use ARRAY in MC_move....

    Best Regards


  • Tahir

    Tahir - 2007-11-23

    i hav been run my machine by using "FUNCTION BLOCKS" (i.e Moveabsolute, Move relative...... ).

    Now i am moving towards a step forward. I have managed to run my machine ( x & y direction )using CNC editor. But by using CNC editor there is kind of very bad vibration in my machine which were not the case when i was using Fuction blocks.

    What should i do to stop this vibration???


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