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Axis state varying between PowerOff and StandStill when MC_Power is executing

  • captaincookie

    captaincookie - 2021-01-27

    I need some help to find the error in my axis control. I want to set a Schneider Lexium32 Axis Controller to power on and ready to drive by the function MC_Power (SM3_Basic). I inserted the function in my script and the visualization. The code is compiling without faults and the visu works fine. I can set the input parameters enable, bRegulatorOn and bDriveStart as true and the output Busy is set by the functionblock and there is no error message. But that's it. The outputs Status, Regulator and Drive are false. In the variable monitoring, I can see, that the input parameters are really set as true, but the parameters of the axis is fluctuating in those three variables and the state is varying between PowerOff and StandStill, so it never reaches the stable state StandStill. In configuration mode there are no problems to turn on the axis and move them, so I think I can be sure, that there is no hardware problem. The axis controller is also set to ready to drive. There is also nothing in the logs. I have no idea what's the fault.
    In the attachment are some screenshots, which might be helpful.

    Some additional informations about the system, I'm using: Codesys V3.5 SP16, Softmotion RTE V3 x64, EtherCAT communication

    Thanks for reading, any information is appreciated. If you need any further details, let me know.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-01-27

    I think you need to upload the project..

  • captaincookie

    captaincookie - 2021-01-28

    while cleaning my code for upload, I found my error. Thanks for asking. Sometimes cleaning helps. I was searching at the wrong parts.
    The fault was an other task with motion functions, which was overwriting my functions block every cycle.


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