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Superimposed won't work - axis not registering error

  • jmarshall9120 - 2023-07-20

    I'm using the ControlTechniques Unidrive M700. I can't seem to get superimposed to work and it puts the servo into an error-stop with no error ID. My set up:

    This shows the visualization controlling the MC_MoveSuperImposed after enabling, gearing in, and executing the MC_MoveSuperImposed:

    You can see the block outputs an abort immediatly upon executing. However the motor stops and is in the error stop state. Despite that no FB registers the error and no error ID is returned.

    Am I doing something wrong here? Are there more troubleshooting steps to try or is this a bug?

  • gseidel - 2023-07-21

    Hi jmarshall9120,

    can you please have a look in the PLC log? There you can see all the errors that happened in their order of appearance. In your case, I'm guessing the MC_GearIn function block has an error.

    Best regards,


  • jmarshall9120 - 2023-07-21

    Hi @gseidel,

    I've looked in the PLC log. There is an error there. This is what I'm seeing:

    Any idea how to reconcile this error? I've tested the same code with virtual axes and do not get the error.

  • gseidel - 2023-07-24


    I think the root error is "FBError Drive=2: 116 An active mvt-FB is called after MC_MoveSuperImposed".

    Please double-check the order of calls in your CFC program and make sure that MC_MoveSuperImposed is called after MC_GearIn.

    (Use the "Display Execution order" command from the context menu to check.)

    Best regards,



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