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Problem on DC-Synchron

  • agirard

    agirard - 2021-03-08


    We are using Codesys v3.5 SP15 with EtherCAT Master Soft Motion.

    When we configure the Distributed clock to SM-Syncrhon, all it is Ok.
    But when we configure to DC-Syncrhon, we get error. The SM_DRIVE_GenericDSP402 indicate FB Error: SMC_ERROR.SMC_DI_GENERAL_COMMUNICATION_ERROR

    The status xDistributedClockInSync is False
    The error in the status field of the SM_Drive_ETC_GenericDSP402 says "Configuration Error" when the problem occurs.

    But our drive using the Beckoff SSC stack indicate all status to syncrhonized.

    When I parse the forum, I try by add EtherCAT_Master_SoftMostion.FramAtTaskStart = FALSE.

    By this, I get communication fex second (1 or 2s maximum), then I get another error: SMC_DI_FIELDBUS_LOST_SYNCRONICITY

    Is there any documentation about error signification and the way to resolve them?
    Our Drive all work properly using Beckoff TwinCAT in SM and DC Synchron.

    The PLC task is configured to 2ms, the Cycle execution time is about 200 to 300Β΅s.

    Please, could have some idea to investiguate our problem?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-03-09

    on which device do you run the EthercatMaster?
    Control RTE?
    If you want to run it with SM-Synchron you need a really accurate / realtime capable system
    DC-Synchron needs in any case for drives FramAtTaskStart=TRUE ( this is what the SoftMotion EthercatMaster sets by default for the drives)

    This is another issue - seems that the drive does not work with the generic DS402 driver - check the logger and Ds402 Statemachine...

    'By this, I get communication fex second (1 or 2s maximum), then I get another error: SMC_DI_FIELDBUS_LOST_SYNCRONICITY2'

    -> FramAtTaskStart=TRUE should fix this - if your plc is hard realtime capable

  • agirard

    agirard - 2021-03-09

    Please find enclose the device on which EtherCAT Master run.

    Ok for FramAtTaskStart=TRUE for DC-Syncrhon.
    So in this case, I get first error The SM_DRIVE_GenericDSP402 indicate FB Error: SMC_ERROR.SMC_DI_GENERAL_COMMUNICATION_ERROR'

    My Drive is in SwitchOnDisabled state (Controlword received = 0x0000)
    On the EtherCAT master, on the state field, it is indicated "Configuration Error"

    PLease tell me if you want see other status?
    Please find some screenshot.

    Thank a lot.

  • agirard

    agirard - 2021-03-12

    Please anybody has an idea?
    This comes blocant for us.


  • agirard

    agirard - 2021-03-18

    I'm hesitate to try.
    I checked into my slave, I get well the DC_Synchro 0 interrupt every configured time (2ms).
    All status en variables inside our ECAT Stack (from ETG SSC v5.12) are ok. No flag indicate to me the syncrho is nok (Watchdog etc..). All error Flag are Ok.
    So which is the criteria for the EtherCAT Master Soft Motion to define a DC Synron error? (black box for me)



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