Softmotion with AX5203

  • Perkins

    Perkins - 2020-01-02

    I am trying to setup a softmotion system using an embedded PC running RTE with a Beckhoff AX5203 but I can't get the AX5203 to configure. I have tried different cycle values but nothing seems to work. The Ethercat bus is running at 250uS and the jitter is +-25uS which I understand should be OK.
    The AX5203 goes from Init mode to Bootstrap and then stops at Pre-Op mode so clearly something in my set-up is not quite correct. In Online mode I can reset the AX5203 to Init and then to Bootstrap but when I select Pre-Op it stays at Bootstrap. The log says "AL status read from slave 1007 status 16#45 : MBX_SOE" so I know there is something wrong with transferring the parameters but I am at a loss how to proceed further so any suggestions would be very welcome.

    IMG: Codesys Screenshot 3.jpg

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-01-11

    i think you need to configure the startup parameter by twincat export them and use them as startup parameter in CODESYS. Then it might work.



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