Raspberry PI USB-LAN adapter or Wifi

  • dimonsky

    dimonsky - 2020-10-05

    Hello everyone.
    Please help with setup of Raspberry and Codesys.
    1) Codesys installed on windows PC and is able to connect over network (integrated LAN of RPI) - everything works including runtime and basic project upload and control.
    2) On a next step, I want to dedicate integrated LAN to EtherCat Master and be able to connect slaves, therefore I need either WIFI or USB-LAN adapter to be available in the same local network, and to use one of them by Codesys to connect and update the project on RPI.
    3) To do so, I unplug the local network cable from integraged LAN to the USB-LAN adapter on RPI. Internet on RPI still works, just local IP is different, fine. Means, adapter is normally working. But CODESYS does not see RPI now - Scan results is empty!
    4) Ok, let's try wifi. I enable WIFi on RPI. Codesys scan is able to see the device with IP of WIFI adapter, and is able to perform installation of " Codesys Pi MC SL"!
    5) Next step, I try to connect to the RPI from Codesys Device panel -> Scan Network. It does not see the RPI! What could be the problem now? If codesys update works over wifi, why I cannot upload project using same wifi?
    6) I change everything back - Local network cable to the intergrated LAN. USB-LAN adapter I use as EtherCat master interface. Everything works! I run Ethercat on USB_LAN and find my slaves!

    To summarise the experience above, The following questions need to be clarified:
    1) Why, wifi is used to install codesys but cannot be found by Device-Scan Network function?
    2) Why, integrated LAN can only be used for both installation of codesys and project upload?
    3) Why, USB-LAN not visible in scan results, but works fine for internet access from RPI as well as EtherCat master interface to its slaves?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-10-05

    Seems somehow UDP ist blocked, If you use WIFi to Login/scan:
    I would Install the Edge Gateway from Store to your PI..(armhf version) then add this new Gateway to CODESYS -then scan via this new Gateway your PI plc


    Last edit: eschwellinger 2020-10-05
  • dimonsky

    dimonsky - 2020-10-05

    Ok, Thank you, will try this!


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