Redundant SoftPLC Devices

  • simatinsky

    simatinsky - 2021-02-01

    Good time! In my project, I plan to use CODESYS Control for Linux. To improve fault tolerance, i plan use redundant system (Redundant SoftPLC Devices). As an industrial PC, I plan to use the Intel_x86 architecture.
    1. To date, there are working examples of use redundant SoftPLC Devices (based on CODESYS Control for Linux)?
    2. How many license keys are needed, in case of using redundant SoftPLC?;product=codesys;version=

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-02-01

    no, the release is planned for April version -
    and you'll need to have 2 licenses/keys

  • simatinsky

    simatinsky - 2021-02-02

    Das ist gut! Wir warten auf ein Wunder! Diese Software-LΓΆsung wird gefragt sein! )))


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  • simatinsky

    simatinsky - 2021-02-03

    Good time! CODESYS Control for Linux support modifying (programm and hardware) the System during Operation via CiR (Configuration in Run)?


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