Realtek Driver compatibility

  • girimugundan

    girimugundan - 2020-08-28

    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to implement Codesys Control RTE on an SBC (RockPi X). you can find it at the link below.

    The ethernet controller it comes with is the Realtek RTL8111F-CG. Is the controller compatible with CoDeSys to use the ethernet port as EtherCAT?. Please advice.


  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-08-28

    As an Ethercat slave or a master? It would seem that an Ethercat Master needs no special hardware but the slave requires an Ethercat ASIC

    Source Under implementation Costs

    That's not to say that you won't have any hick ups as @patrickrjbrown with his ethercat project demonstrates.

    Also Ethercat and Ethernet traffic can't be on the same physical network, different wire and different ports.

    Edit: Do you have realtime or hard realtime requirements?


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    • girimugundan

      girimugundan - 2020-08-31


      I will be using it as an EtherCAT Master.I do have hard realtime requirements. I will be using a usb to ethernet adapter to solve the network issue. Thank you for the link to patrick's thread. I found it really useful.


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-08-29

    Hi Giri
    Might work as Ethercat master, you could give it a try.
    Use: CmpRTL8169Mpd
    Realtek RTL8111B / RTL8111D / RTL8111E is tested if your RTL8111F-CG need some modification or at least driver signing, please let us know. ( Windows & Control RTE is needed for this driver)
    If you use it under Linux it should work, to have realtime capatilities you will need to patch the kernel (rt_preempt)


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    • girimugundan

      girimugundan - 2020-08-31

      Hello Edwin,

      I had mailed RockPi support and was waiting on their reply before I replied to you. The driver they use is the RTL8111G. I am assuming that since all drivers from 8111 family are supported, it should be fine. I am also exploring Linux, albeit am not really well versed in the system. Could you point me over to some resources which can help me patch the kernel to have realtime capability?.

      Yours sincerely,

      • i-campbell

        i-campbell - 2020-08-31

        Could you point me over to some resources which can help me patch the kernel to have realtime capability?.

        pick the right package that doesn't end in dbg from here:

        apt install <picked-package></picked-package>


        apt install linux-image-rt-amd64

        don't forget to sudo if your linux uses sudo


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