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Delta Robot with CODESYS Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth Ruuvitag

  • dawidtur

    dawidtur - 2020-07-29


    I'd like to ask how do you receive data from Bluetooth Ruuvitag in Codesys with rpi, is it through some python script or there's possibility to somehow add bluetooth device in codesys project?

  • robwid

    robwid - 2021-08-18

    Hi, I am trying to use BT device (Arduino board) via onboard BT controller of the Pi, to use serial communication UART between these two. Is it possible for you to give some example of how to configure this in CoDeSys etc.? Thanks in advance.

  • lingvo

    lingvo - 2021-08-22

    Yeah, would be interested on how to add Bluetooth connectivity to Codesys Runtime too.

    In my case it is a kind of communication with smartphone (a kind of simple HMI) via Bluetooth as WiFi would not be acceptable.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-08-22

    I would use the Automation Server to do the HMI with your smartphone.
    The PI only need Internet connection, then this is an easy task.

    • lingvo

      lingvo - 2021-08-22

      Sometimes Internet is not available and even WLAN too. So BT would be a good solution.

    • robwid

      robwid - 2021-08-29


      I would like to ask if possible you can share this project here in comments? Would be very nice to understand how bluetooth communcation works in CoDeSys.

      Thanks in advance.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-08-30

    this is just executing a python script - and retrieve the result values in the IEC Code.
    Not really bluetooth communication as you probably expect to see.


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