problems PFC200 -remote sound play visu

  • SirBarkAlot

    SirBarkAlot - 2019-12-11

    hi There

    i run into a problem on my PFC200 PLC
    i have 14 nodes with i communicate with the RS-485 protocol and everyting works
    now comes the problem
    i want to intergrate the sound of a alarm on the visu(remote)
    i use codesys 3.5 SP15 and tryed SP14 patch2 with 32 bit and 64 bit becose one libarary didnt load on 64Bit
    i have used the soundcheck_filecopy_V1.2 project but it works stand alone but when i copy the object to my project it stops working

    i have a picture of a few errors

    hope someone can help me out

    IMG: 123.png

  • SirBarkAlot

    SirBarkAlot - 2019-12-11

    for the information i have bought a licence for the PLC and is activated it

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2019-12-11

    hard to say, without the project .. compare the libs from the example project to your project.
    Execute a clean all... it should work.

  • SirBarkAlot

    SirBarkAlot - 2019-12-12

    the libs are different
    some libs i cant copy to my project
    i think becose its raspberry related
    or the version is different

    have someone any other idea of playing remote sound of the client like a alarm or someting?
    or meby a better solution

    there isnt a option in codesys that plays sound on clients, i presume?

    With kind regards

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2019-12-12

    Are you using this?

    Sure, it uses a dll and talks about control win v3. No chance of getting it working on a PFC200 as is.

    I don't think there is a play sound, but there is a browser control that you can link to any URL. Probably even say, a local sound file that you have downloaded to your PFC. I haven't tried this for you, but I think it puts you more in the right direction than trying to get DLLs running.

  • SirBarkAlot

    SirBarkAlot - 2019-12-13

    i am going to go a other way
    i am going to add a html code into the webvisualisation that plays sound
    but can i add in webvisu a html5 code or add a html5 page ( a html page with a sound playing and hide it somehow)

  • SirBarkAlot

    SirBarkAlot - 2019-12-13

    i have the html page with the sound ready to only thing is to let it load in the webvisu
    how do i call a page in a iframe?
    i have added a iframe but dont know where to add the adres to to html page
    can someone help me with this ?

    With kind regards

  • SirBarkAlot

    SirBarkAlot - 2019-12-18

    i have it almost working

    i have made a PRG

    IF GVL.pinggeluid:=TRUE
    THEN GVL.alarmurl:= GVL.alarmja;
    ELSIF GVL.pinggeluid:=FALSE
    THEN GVL.alarmurl:=GVL.alarmnee;

    and in the browserelement where the url is it says GVL_alarmurl
    and if the button is true it must display URL1
    and if the button is False it must display url2

    GVL Below

       pinggeluid: BOOL;
       alarmja: STRING:=' ';
       alarmnee: STRING:=' ';
       alarmurl: STRING; 

    but the browser element didnt work
    did i do someting wrong?

    if i put the url directly in the url browserelement iut works but becose its in a loop it dasnt stop

    with kind regards

  • SirBarkAlot

    SirBarkAlot - 2020-01-06

    i tried but the PFC200 danst know some commands and i cant transfer the libararys
    so i need to try some other option




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