Inconvenient comm cycle timeout

  • LooijmansR

    LooijmansR - 2019-09-14


    In a production environment we are experiencing some issues where the PLC gets completely stuck after a while and does not respond to actions anymore. In the Codesys development enivornment we can see the values being updatet, but as soon as we log off we are unable to make a connection to the PLC anymore. The PLC doesn't respond to start/stop actions anymore either, as well as the webvisu is unreachable. The only resort is to reboot the computer.

    Inspecting this inconvience, shows the following error in the PLC log. Can anyone enlighten what this means, what could cause this and/or what we could do to debug this?

    Thanks in advance!

    IMG: Bild

  • LooijmansR

    LooijmansR - 2019-09-17

    The error occurred again. Nothing remarkable in the task configuration can be found. Is this a code issue or is this more related to the installation of the RTE or Windows itself (Windows 10)?

    It's rather hard to believe that I'm the only who has seen this error message before. In any case - thanks in advance!

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2019-09-21

    need more information which plc in which version?


  • LooijmansR

    LooijmansR - 2019-10-01

    Hi Edwin,

    This occured in PLC version CODESYS on an Intel NUC. We have unexpectedly resolved the issue since, not knowing what caused it or how we actually happened to solve it.


  • jwints

    jwints - 2020-09-17

    have you found the solution to fix the question?


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