OPC Server Error message in WINSL x64

  • cheol hong kim

    cheol hong kim - 2018-08-08

    Version : OPCDEMO , in store
    WIN SL : CODESYS V3.5 SP13 + (64BIT) , DEMO
    OS : Windows 7, x64 bit
    the same error (opc_config1_error) occured when setup like picture (opc_config1, opc_config2)

    When connect the cdoesys opc server ,error message showed below
    -CodeMeter 101597:8772
    Failre reason : CmContainer Entry not FOund , Error 200
    -CodeMeterAct 5000304:8772
    Failure reason : CmContainer Entry not Found , Error 200


    IMG: symbol_access_setup.PNG

    IMG: connection.PNG


    IMG: opc_config2.PNG

    IMG: opc_config1.PNG

    IMG: opc_config1_error.PNG

  • hendrikvdv

    hendrikvdv - 2018-12-04

    How do you get the license from the store?
    I only found the program there that Cheol Hong Kim is already using.
    and where do you insert that license afterwards?

  • Batinic911

    Batinic911 - 2019-03-20

    Hello Edwin,

    I have the same problem with the OPC DA like Cheol Hong Kim.
    The links you have posted are not working.
    How I get the demo license from the online store?

    Best regards

    ps. We use OPC UA but for the old plants we need also OPC DA

  • Batinic911

    Batinic911 - 2019-03-20

    Hello Edwin,

    Unfortunately it does not work.
    The whole CODESYS 64 and CODESYS OPC DA Server have been
    uninstalled and installed several times on Windows 7 and 10 without success.
    Still the same error message.
    I would ask you for another suggestion how I can solve this problem.

    Best regards

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2019-03-20

    If you order this demo product ( free of charge) you will get a ticket number ( by mail you get the ticket or you should find it in your store account) which you need to activate for example by license.codesys.com on this device which is running the OPC DA server.
    That should solve the issue.

  • Batinic911

    Batinic911 - 2019-03-21

    Hello Edwin,

    It works.
    Thank you.

    Best regards.


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