(CODESYS V3) Is there a way of installing/updating projects without the IDE?

  • julian

    julian - 2020-03-12

    I have successfully installed the CODESYS Control runtime (V3) on my linux device. Now all documentation I can find refers to using the IDE to build and update the project/application running on my device. I would like to automate the process of updating my devices with new code by having it pull updated application artifacts and somehow telling the runtime to run them. Is something like this currently possible and if so what are the steps/documentation?

    • Ingo

      Ingo - 2020-03-21

      Not out-of -the-box. But you can use python scripting to automate this update process.
      But actually you can't run this process fully on the PLC. You need a PC
      doing that, as python just automates things you do with the IDE.

      By the way: if you have new python snippets which might be helpful for
      others, you can share them on the page above.


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