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transfer raspberry pi license from RPI3 to RPI4

  • jordiruiz

    jordiruiz - 2020-03-10

    Last year I've bought a license for my Raspberry Pi3 . Now I'm working with a new one, a Raspberry Pi4 and I would like to move my license from RP3 to RPI4. How could I do it? I've been checking codesys support webpage and I haven't found any information that clarifies me how to do it. I'm tryingt geting CMLicenseNew.WibuCmRaU file from RP3 and installing this using in rpi4 license manager but it returns an error telling me that there is not any information available about license. Device doesn't support this service.

  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2020-03-10
    1. Support should help you "transfer" the license.

    2. An alternative is to buy a cm-dongle from the codesys store!

    You can then (with some help from support where necessary) move the fixed license into the dongle.
    There are several advantages to the hardware dongle: If you Pi's SD Card dies, your license dies (and you have to contact support or have it backed upped allready). My Pi eats SD card, so I have had this issue before ;-)
    If you move to newer hardware, you can easily swap out the dongle, just stick it into the new pi, load the Codesys Runtime and ready! Also, the dongle is harder to loose and provides you portability and security.
    Another feature is that you can load extra licenses on it (like the new IIOT SL license!)

    Off course, the dongle isn't free, but it is not expensive either (!) Especially if you count in all times it saved my $ss and all the troubles I had with RPi's eating my SD Cards (I guess >= 10)

    Good luck!

  • jordiruiz

    jordiruiz - 2020-03-10

    thanks for your response. Anyway I would like just to know how to transfer this from rpi3 to rpi4 , first I need to know how difficult is doing this and perhaps in future I will get a doongle.


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