Raspberry pi softmotion license question

  • lbabycl-88

    lbabycl-88 - 2019-08-10

    Hi all,
    Do I need to have a separate licenses for softmotion robotics and CNC if I'm using raspberry pi multicore license ?

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  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2019-08-11

    yes this is needed.

  • chriss-russell

    chriss-russell - 2019-08-11

    Ok I think you need to revisit the discription on the pages for raspbery pi control, as it still states that softmotion cnc robotic and softmotion are all is included in the singke license for the raspberrypi, I only notice the change in codesys version 3.5.15 older version had it included correct?

  • lbabycl-88

    lbabycl-88 - 2019-08-11

    Hi Edwin is this a recent change ?

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  • drsumruay

    drsumruay - 2019-08-15

    Hi, Edwin I have 2 Questions
    1. In the newer update, Must I pay for Runtime + Softmotion + Softmotion CNC+Robotics ?
    2. If I do not update the softmotion and robotics library, Do I still need to pay for a license? because the older version has included all softmotion and robotics license in
    runtime license(50 euro)

  • RolandWagner

    RolandWagner - 2019-08-16


    yes, since CODESYS V3.5 SP15 the according SoftPLC for Raspberry Pi does not include the SoftMotion licenses. This was changed due to a product management decision.
    If you do not update you can furthermore use SoftMotion without additional licensing.

  • drsumruay

    drsumruay - 2019-08-17

    Thanks for a helpful answer,
    So I can still update the library package of softmotion and runtime with using IDE version SP14?

  • lbabycl-88

    lbabycl-88 - 2019-08-17

    Is there a plan to work on license tranfer for the raspberry pi, being thst now it seems things are getting pricey,

    Plans to be able to move a soft container license so another raspberry pi?

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