CODESYS for BeagleBone Black

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  • kmpm

    kmpm - 2014-03-07

    I saw CODESYS running on the BBB in Nuremberg last year. Are there any plans of releasing this as well?

  • mbruck

    mbruck - 2014-03-07

    Any answer ?

    BeagleBone Black is much more better board then RPI for PLC application.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2014-03-07

    I agree, decision is still pending...

    Edwin Schwellinger

  • mbruck

    mbruck - 2014-03-10

    I hope decision will be positive, cost effective and available as RPI.

  • BeagleboneB

    BeagleboneB - 2014-03-30

    Are there any new information about Beaglebone Black and CoDeSys? It would be awesome to be able to use one of both Pi for Video etc and BBB because of many GPIO.


  • wrt54gl

    wrt54gl - 2014-04-02

    Any more new info on this? If this is not going to happen I will have to look for another solution as this would work perfectly for my application.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2014-04-02

    not yet which fieldbus / interface are you plan to use on your Project?

  • bryanbas

    bryanbas - 2014-04-03

    BeagleBone Black would be awesome with all of its additional IO. ModBus/TCP would be a common bus we would use.

  • wrt54gl

    wrt54gl - 2014-04-03

    Modbus RTU. I will have to use the rs485 cape for that. Modbus TCP would be a good option as well. I see there is also some nice touch screens available for it as well.

  • elt12ceg

    elt12ceg - 2014-04-06

    I'm an EE student, BBB would be an excellent platform for us to do low cost projects with.

    We're doing our PLC programming labs on 100 year old Hitachi PLCΒ΄s with some awful IDE
    probably made for Windows 3.0, it would be a bit nicer to be able to work in Codesys IDE

  • AlexB

    AlexB - 2014-05-07

    Edwin Schwellinger hat geschrieben:
    not yet which fieldbus / interface are you plan to use on your Project?

    BBB. Serial, SPI, GPIO

  • yannickasselin1

    yannickasselin1 - 2014-05-07

    I would really like to be able to use Codesys on the BeagleBone as well.

  • maauto

    maauto - 2014-08-20

    Well If there was a choice I'd have Codesys 3 o both, RPI and BBB...and that's because you can get a litle different addon cards/capes/whatever-you-call-them for each.

    As it seems there is already some sort of a project working with BBB+Codesys 3.5.4+CANOpen+LCD here: ... bone-black

    (I have no affiliation with the page in the link, nor do I understand Korean, so I don't know if there's something inappropriate on that page or even if it is in fact a working solution. If necessary the board moderators can freely remove the link.)


  • Control

    Control - 2014-09-08

    I hope you can help me in installing the latest Codesys on to latest Debian Beagle Bone Black.
    When executing: dpkg -i codesyscontrol_arm_raspberry_V3.5.5.0.deb
    I got the following error:

    Selecting previously unselected package codesyscontrol.
    (Reading database ... 61227 files and directories currently installed.)
    Unpacking codesyscontrol (from codesyscontrol_arm_raspberry_V3.5.5.0.deb) ...
    Setting up codesyscontrol ( ...
    make etc modules
    update-rc.d: using dependency based boot sequencing
    update-rc.d: warning: default stop runlevel arguments (0 1 6) do not match codesyscontrol Default-Stop values (none)
    Backup licenses
    tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
    codesyscontrol.bin: no process found
    /etc/init.d/codesyscontrol: 32: /etc/init.d/codesyscontrol: cannot create /sys/bus/platform/drivers/bcm2708_i2c/unbind: Directory nonexistent
    /etc/init.d/codesyscontrol: 33: /etc/init.d/codesyscontrol: cannot create /sys/module/i2c_bcm2708/parameters/baudrate: Directory nonexistent
    /etc/init.d/codesyscontrol: 34: /etc/init.d/codesyscontrol: cannot create /sys/bus/platform/drivers/bcm2708_i2c/bind: Directory nonexistent
    codesyscontrol started
    postinst finished

    Is there anything I have to check / modify so the CodeSys will run on Beagle Bone Black.
    Thanks for helping.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2014-09-08


    the Raspberry Pi Runtime is not made/compiled to run on a beaglebone black,
    you need a special beaglebone release for that.
    This will probably come but the schedule when this will happen is still not fixed.


  • CellOHorst

    CellOHorst - 2015-02-01

    Edwin Schwellinger hat geschrieben:
    not yet which fieldbus / interface are you plan to use on your Project?

    Dear Mr. Schwellinger,

    I'm also interested in an image for the BB black.

    As you asked about field busses: EtherCAT and CAN, as well as RS232 would be an awesome combination.

    When do you know if you'll make a release?

  • fixstuff555

    fixstuff555 - 2015-08-29


    Is there any more info on this possibility? If the decision is made not to ever release for the BBB, is it possible for a customer to do this on their own with an SDK?

  • Stefan

    Stefan - 2016-01-23

    Is there a technical reason why the raspberry firmware does not run on a BBB?
    Is there a reason why the firmware does not run on just any arm based linux environment?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2016-01-24

    yes, there is a reason:
    We will release a version for BBB (Q2) which will be adapted to the hardware of the BBB
    - more GPIO's - CAN - all the additional stuff which is available on BBB
    New devicedescription/libraries everything included in a CODESYS BBB store package as it is now already available for Raspberry PI -
    so this will be a different product.


  • fixstuff555

    fixstuff555 - 2016-01-25

    Very good news. Can't wait!

  • stablex

    stablex - 2016-04-15

    also waiting codesys support on BB/BBB with al the cool stuff like i2c,SPI,CANopen, Profibus, profinet.

  • stablex

    stablex - 2016-06-21

    WOW BBB codesys released!!!

  • ndzied1

    ndzied1 - 2016-06-21

    Will the Beaglebone have retain memory? It looks like the board has some flash.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2016-06-22

    by default not (without additional hardware) -> same as Raspberry Pi.

    You have two options:
    1. use an UPS System - graceful shutdown of the system is needed.
    2. find a cape which has additional NVRAM and map this area as Memory for retain data. (from my experiance hard to find - to
    is not available for BBB)


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