CODESYS Control for PFC 200, downgrade version

  • FelixPalladino

    FelixPalladino - 2017-11-23


    Is ist possible to downgrade a controller with CODESYS Control for PFC 200 from to
    When I update the controller with to then it says update finished. (see pic)
    After the update the controller is no more reachable so I have to reboot it. Thats ok.
    But after the reboot it still has version again.

    IMG: Unbenannt.PNG

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2017-11-24

    on runtime side I always would recommend to use current version (securiy update included & many bugfixes etc)
    This means:
    Even if you decide to work in CODESYS with 3.5SP9/SP10 whatever, it is safe to use
    Wago Firmware 10 and CODESYS Runtime 3.5SP11Patchx.
    (Just install the ipk of the runtime to the PFC200 controller )- if you do this I would even not install the SP11 PFC200 Package into your
    SP10/SP10 CODESYS / Package Manager
    - just use everything in our selected version - only use the ipk our of the store download.


  • FelixPalladino

    FelixPalladino - 2017-12-20

    The question came up when I wanted to simulate a behavior of a customers machine. This machine was with an older package, so I had to downgrade my test station, because the package version was interesting.

    I restored the Wago firmware over an SD card and the applicated the version I needed. This way is just not nice and costs time.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2017-12-30


    important commands are:

    remove codesyscontrol

    install older Version
    ipkg install codesyscontrol_arm_pfc200_V3.5.x.x.ipk

    stop plc:
    /etc/init.d/codesyscontrol stop

    start plc:
    /etc/init.d/codesyscontrol start


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