• Tiziano

    Tiziano - 2019-09-08

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the gateway, the program has always worked but today the gateway does not connect to the raspberry even if it is connected and by pinging I can see it.
    I have read the guide and I cannot understand if the gateway is active on my pc because I cannot find the symbol of the four squares and if they are on the list of programs and I click on codesys gateway I get the writing to look for the symbol of the four squares on the taskbar but I can't find it.
    Can you tell me how can I restart the gateway?
    Thank you

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2019-09-09

    you need to check:

    There should be two services up and running:
    CODESYS ServiceControl
    CODESYS Gateway V3

    The Gateway Systray Icon you could start here:
    "c:\Program Files\CODESYS 3.5.x.0\GatewayPLC\GatewaySysTray.exe"

    If these two services are not registered in a proper way you could do this by (admin rights are needed for cmd and doing this):
    "c:\Program Files\CODESYS 3.5.x.0\GatewayPLC\CoDeSysControlService.exe -i
    "c:\Program Files\CODESYS 3.5.x.0\GatewayPLC\GatewayService.exe -i"

    Working with the debug mode not as service ( as workaround)
    "c:\Program Files\CODESYS 3.5.x.0\GatewayPLC\GatewayService.exe -d"

    (Beside this you could add the Gateway which is embeeded in the CODESYS SL product - just use the IP of the plc )



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