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Identifier 'IoDrvGPIO' not defined

  • idir93dz - 2024-04-10

    After installing the pi runtime and creating a pi project, I get these errors:
    [ERROR] Untitled3: Application [Device: PLC Logic]: C0046: Identifier 'IoDrvGPIO' not defined
    [ERROR] Untitled3: Application [Device: PLC Logic]: C0080: Function block 'IoDrvGPIO' must be instantiated to be accessed
    [ERROR] Untitled3: Application [Device: PLC Logic]: C0004: 'IoDrvGPIO' is no component of 'IoDrvGPIO'

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2024-04-10

    it is just a precompiler error, login an start the application. Works.This will be fixed hopefully to next version.

    • idir93dz - 2024-04-11

      Thanks a lot.


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