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How to activate Raspi internal pull-ups and pull-downs

  • yann2021

    yann2021 - 2021-06-18

    Hello aseitzinger,

    Many thanks for your reply. Far too complicated for me! I will simply put external pull up / pull down resistors ! :-D

  • nothinrandom

    nothinrandom - 2021-07-04


    I believe you should be able to achieve this inside of CoDeSys.
    1) Find this file /etc/CODESYSControl_User.cfg and add the following to it:


    2) In your project, add the SysProcess library in Library Manager and execute the following command (example to set pin 18 to pull-up):

    SysProcess.SysProcessExecuteCommand2(pszCommand := 'gpio -g mode 18 up');

    Another example to set it as output:

    SysProcess.SysProcessExecuteCommand2(pszCommand := 'gpio -1 mode 18 out');

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