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Send RESTful commands to an external non CODESYS device server and HTML Script editing

  • assimsys

    assimsys - 2019-07-18


    First request: I would like to use codesys to talk to devices that require a RESTful API to interact with them (Or any server that uses this interfacing mechanism). How can i send and receive these (Get, Put, etc...) commands from within CODESYS and/or WebVisu?

    Second request: Is it possible to add Javascript librarys (JQuery or other) to WebVisu and, also to edit the HTML / CSS /Javascript files directly to create more flexible user interfaces ontop of the existing WebVisu design tools?

    May thanks

  • h-hermsen

    h-hermsen - 2019-07-18

    Try the "HTTP Client Example" from the webstore for REST.

    • bernie-bbq

      bernie-bbq - 2021-06-10

      I cannot get that example project to work even with a licensed copy of the IIoT Libraries. The hTTPClient is not found in the library utilising Codesys (or for that matter either). Any help will be greatly appreciated as that was an expensive outlay for a hobbyist.

      • i-campbell

        i-campbell - 2021-06-10

        Hello Mr BBQ, once you have installed the IIoT Libs .package, please see the example in:
        C:\Users\PleaseChangeThisSoItIsYourUserName\Web Client SL\


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