friedel - 2021-07-14

Dear Codesys-Community,

I'm new to the topic but this board helped me a lot so far, so thank you all!

Currently I'm using the Codesys Sensor App to send data from a "Honor 8A" Android-Smartphone to a Raspberry Pi PLC. I receive sensor data such as the acceleration, proximity and light value but in the global variable list (NVL) the location data like latitude, longitude, altitude, speed etc. remain empty.The gps icon appears in the status bar and I allowed the app to track gps data - so this seems not to be the problem.

Does anyone have a similiar problem? I have already tried the "Codesys Control Win SysTray"-PLC with the same result but i don't have the opportunity to try another Android-Smartphone.

If there is no chance to read out the location data my other option would be to use a GPS sensor like the "NEO6M GPS Modul" via GPIO to the raspberry. Is there something like a library to translate the TX and RX Values into coordinates, speed etc. in Codesys?

I would be very glad if anyone could help me with this! Many thanks in advance!

Best regards