aliazzz - 2019-06-16

Codesys Forge Unit Testing Framework"
Or 'CfUnit' in short is a free and open-source unit testing framework for CODESYS V3.5.Released under MIT-License.

Announcement of the new CfUnit release: v1.1.0.0 ETA 1st quarter of 2020 (hopefully a lot sooner)

.Package with all necessary files in a single installer
improved "speed" and stability of the framework by roughly 15 to 20% due to code optimizations,
smaller burnerplatecode, so less framework 'overhead',
assertion methods for 2D/3D REAL/LREAL arrays
various new methods
last but not least

Currently serving v1.0.0.0
You can find all relevant information and the Library here:Please support CfUnit and give us your opinion. All feedback or contributions are welcomed