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Ethernet IP scanner

  • gmiranda

    gmiranda - 2019-02-19

    Hi there,
    I am facing problems with a project I am developing to use raspberry PI, codesys and a remote IO connected through ethernet IP.
    The error is when I try to add a ethernet IP scanner.
    The image attached shows the Memory Utils library error that I can't solve. It's fresh project with nothing added and the build goes nice. When add the Ethernet adapter the build still no error, but whenever I add the Ethernet IP Scanner, get the 2 errors and I couldn't overcome.

    Codesys 3.5.12 installed.

    Am i doing something wrong?
    No error with profinet and this is the way I used to do with other PLCs (add ethernet adapater, then scanner, then the devices itself)

    IMG: ss.JPG

  • Ingo

    Ingo - 2019-02-21


    The interesting part is not shown in the screenshot. Because the problem doesn't seem to be Memory Utils. But it seems to be SysMem, which is missing.
    I attached you a screenshot how it should look like.

    "SysMem=" indicates, that it is resolved by a placeholder. Behind this, you should see the effective version with which it is resolved.
    As a workaround you can usually resolve it manually by clicking on the "Placeholders" menu at the top of the library manager dialog.

    But it would be interesting what's going wrong anyway.

    Best regards,

    IMG: 2019

  • gmiranda

    gmiranda - 2019-02-23

    Bingo, Ingo!

    Just thought that "resolved by device" libraries was enough to move on with no library issues.
    First I tryed to change Sysmem placeholder but the versions were too old (3.5.5 was the mos recent after 3.5.12).
    So decided to change MemoryUtils placeholder to 3.5.12 (was using 3.5.13) and this solved the situation.

    Thanks for the tip!!


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