Is it possible to make The runtime system have real-time properties.

  • polygj

    polygj - 2017-05-12

    Is it possible to make "The BeagleBone Black SL" runtime system have real-time properties , so Jitter will be reduced.

    Thank you.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2017-05-26

    you need to apply a rt_preemt kernel patch.. this will reduce the jitter.
    search the forum for 'rt_preempt'


  • polygj

    polygj - 2017-10-08

    I have used the way to update the RT-kernerl in forum. But the link of linux-kernel update site couldn't be linked.
    The file has been removed and I couldn't update the linux kernel to any verson.
    I'm not familiar with linux. I have spend several month but still couldn't solve the problem.
    Is there new way, that I can follow, to update the kernel to RT-kernel.
    Please provide the new steps to update the kernel. Thank you!


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