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C++ Integration on RPI

  • ketchup007

    ketchup007 - 2023-01-30

    Hi all,

    Is any posibility to integrate C++ files with Codesys using C-Integration Module.

    Another question is can I use this module (c-Integration) with Raspberry Pi Licence on ARM platform?

    Thanks for Yours answers
    Lukasz Lecki

  • Ingo

    Ingo - 2023-01-31

    Hi Ketchup ;)

    Technically, you are creating a library, which is loaded by Linux. So there is technically no such limitation. But practically you have to have a deep understanding of C and C++ to master the binding between them.

    The starting point is:
    Create one object, which implements the C interface, that is used by CODESYS. Then you create an interface header, which contains C interfaces, sourounded by eytern "C" statements. This interface can then be used, and called from the C wrapper, and builds the glue between C and C++.

    Good luck for your project.



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