Controlling a stepper motor

  • rmalle

    rmalle - 2015-08-12

    I am trying to control a stepper motor using a Raspberry Pi and CoDeSys. Can anyone suggest the easiest way to do this?

    So far i have not been able to find a stepper control function in any of the libraries. Is there a library containing a function block generating pulses for a stepper motor available which i preferably can use in combination with the SoftMotion CNC library? Or should i be looking for something else?


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2015-08-12

    one option could be to use a EK1100 Ethercat Coupler and a EL2521 Puls Train Output terminal.

    IMG: EL2521.jpg

  • rmalle

    rmalle - 2015-08-13

    Thank you for your reply. Using you proposed method would require the purchase of new hardware, is that correct?

    At this moment i own a stepper motor + driver and a Raspberry Pi + PiXtend. If possible, i would like to control the motor without the use of additional hardware.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2015-08-13

    guess not so easy possible.
    What is the Interface on your stepper motor driver?
    BR Edwin

  • brotjob

    brotjob - 2015-08-19

    It really depends on your needs. Your controller has digital inputs for direction enable and pulses. You can hook up those to the Raspberrypi's GPIOs. But this is not so elegant. There are controllers with bus systems and even some drives with integrated controllers.

  • florin

    florin - 2020-06-14

    I want to use the same setup that @rmalle described. @rmalle would you be kind and tell me how did you solve the problem? Thankyou :).


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