Codesyscontrol Pi 4

  • ocularpatdown

    ocularpatdown - 2020-05-10

    Hi All,

    Just recently Purchased a Pi 4 and the codesys control.

    I am having an issue where the codesyscontrol runtime stops running on the Pi after a few seconds. I can see it running from the terminal using TOP but it stops after 7 secs and i loose connection to the Pi.

    I can reconnect to the Pi if i start the runtime from Codesys or the Pi terminal.

    Im running V3.5 SP16.

    Anyone else having this issue ?

    • selcuke

      selcuke - 2020-09-04


      I am also having the same problem. Pi 4 and I use Development v3.5 sp15 and 16. I use both. I tried to change the Codesys Control for raspberry pi and and and all same. after I install the pack to the pi, 10 seconds or so it lose connection. I can find the device with eth0 and wifi by scaning and then I click install and it installs. I see the pi in the scanning gateway window in device comunication settings. I chose the pi and going online and it lose connection. if somebody can help, I would be happy.


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